IronKookie Inc is a lifestyle label conceptualised in 2022. We product concepts and ideas which are best expressed through the simplicity of hoodies, sweats, caps and tees. Quintessential comfort. 

Manufacturing is based in Shanghai where our garments are cut & sewn with the best available fabric unique to the core value of the brand.

Our aesthetic takes inspiration from colourful designs (we call them 'kookies') that represent the intersection of luxury and streetwear; a timestamp that marks past, present and future. We use scripture to express the brand philosophy and enable wearers of our garments to feel the deep culture behind the IronKookie brand.

We founded IK with a simple quest - to create a unique lifestyle and nutrition brand that connects achieving winners on a higher level with an iron mindset. We want you, our family, to feel happy with your life. When you are fit, you are happy, when you are happy, you perform. 

Our aim is for each and every one of you to feel our positive energy when you wear our garments. IronKookie Energy. If you truly believe you possess an iron mindset and mental edge over your competition, follow the IG @ ironkookieinc to join the family. Our mantra?

Always hungry. Always humble. 

(ps IK superfoods coming soon...)

Have a listen to our IK 88 playlist to connect with the brand on an emotional level: